Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo makes her home in Oklahoma City. A native of Canada and a graduate of the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, she moved to the United States in 1981.


Phyllis believes it is the transforming experiences in life such as tenderness, intimacy and spiritu­ality that enable artistic growth providing motivation for her sculpture. The inspiration for her new figurative series is flora and focuses on representing botanical forms through metaphors as they relate to human forms and human experiences.


Inspired by the Anemone

The Anemone has a natural response of closing at night and opening in the morning as if in anticipation of the first spread of color across the sky or a breath of warmth on its petals. The first light of day is my favorite time to pause and reflect on the day ahead and to gratefully cherish the possibilities.

12”H x 12”W x 16”D

Bronze – Edition of 50


14" H x 11" W x 9" D

Bronze on a Granite Base - Edition of 15


Inspired by the Daisy


The daisy is most appreciated for its simple beauty. Most often, the meanings associated with it are optimistic. The most accepted symbolism has to do with childhood, purity and innocence.Another theme is that of new beginnings. The name “daisy” is derived from the words “day's eyes” since star-shaped flower opens during the daytime and closes at night. It is a reminder to me to live one day at a time.

Inspired by the Clematis


Several years ago, my husband strategically planted a Clematis vine outside a window that leads down a hall from our entryway. It is always one of the first plants to shoot straight up with a fringe of green on top of the vine followed soon by a cascade of blue-purple blossoms that fills the windowpane. It can really be quite breathtaking. Although it’s still my favorite, we have since added more varieties and colors of clematis to the garden. I love to see the delicate tendrils stretching upwards to the sun shaking off the last of the cooler weather.

29.5”H x 7”W x 10” D

Bronze – Edition of 35


6.5"H x 10."W x 10" D

Bronze Edition of 50


Inspired by the Rose


The rose reminds me of a little baby, sweet and innocent, curled up in a velvet bed. I can almost smell its delicate scent and hear a lullaby in the gentle breeze.

Inspired by the Freesia

The “Freesia” is best known for its perseverance. My husband and I live in Oklahoma; famous for its storms! Two years in a row we were hit by huge hail storms replacing a roof after each one. We feared losing the garden we had worked hard to cultivate. Amazingly, we lost very little. Within days we saw new blossoms on the bushes and the flattened plants had regained their buoyancy.

I know that it is sun, water, deep roots and nourishment from the soil that allows them to thrive. I can relate to that. I am most nourished by a spiritual life and a depth of relationship with family and friends. It is there that I find an ability to persevere, when the winds are high.

24”H x 14”W x 18” D

Bronze – Edition of 15


Inspired by the Trillium

I’m most fond of the rich reds of the Prairie Trillium. They are among the first blossoms to announce that spring is on the way. I draw meaning from the fact that this blossom flourishes in places where the sun is scarce. If you are watchful you can see this lovely and ephemeral wildflower adorning the shaded pathways of a forest-walking trail.

Trillium, are often given to represent healing, which is one of their well-documented properties. They are a reminder in the Christian faith of God’s existence in the Trinity.

24”H x 13”W x 6”D

Bronze – Edition of 15


Inspired by the Tulip

Many years ago, while working on a portrait of a little girl, I referred to her as beautiful. Her mother said, "Thank you, yes she is, and she does her best every day to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside." I appreciated that she didn't focus on just the physical aspect of beauty but recognized and nurtured a beauty inside and out.

19”H x 7.5”W x 7” D

Bronze – Edition of 15


Flower Bed

This sculpture started as a figure study at a “sculpt-in,” a gathering of fellow sculptors who meet to share a model and camaraderie for a day. Many of my ideas for sculptures come to me when I’m at rest, when I have an opportunity to let my mind wander in and around an idea. That is how I came to picture more fully the peaceful bed she was dreaming upon.

7" H x 23" W x 8" D
Bronze on a Marble Base - Edition of 20

Tulip Pose

Inspired by the Tulip

I love the child's pose stretch in Yoga. It feels peaceful to me.  This resting pose is meant to calm and renew me. The symbolism behind the yellow Tulip conveys happy and positive thoughts. A gift of a yellow tulip says "there's sunshine in your smile."

6" H x 6" W x 14" D
Bronze - Edition of 20
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